Aran Sweaters in The Mass Media World

Aran sweaters – everyone has probably heard that name once in their lives. They are traditional Irish knitwear originated on the Aran Islands by fishermen, to help them overcome the unfovarable weather conditions. In that moment, nobody would have even imagined that those bold knits are going to be loved by celebrities nowadays. From movies […]

How to wear Aran Sweaters – Simple Guide

How to wear Aran Sweaters - Simple Guide

Aran Sweaters – History Behind Them Everything has started on the Aran Islands where Aran sweaters originated many generations ago. The Islanders were mainly fishmermans and farmers whom had to handle the unfavourable weather conditions. From this need the idea of aran sweaters was born and its herritage lasts to these day, carrying the history […]

What is Merino Wool and is it Worth Your Money?

On the picture we can see banner that is an introduction to the blog about Merino Wool - is it worth your money?

What Merino Wool is? You’d probably already heard that term somewhere. We have to admit, merino wool is one of the most desirable type of wool, you definetely want to have in your wardrobe. Hovewer, let’s start from the beginning. First of all – where is it come from? The answer is simple! As we […]

How to Wash Wool? – Tips and Tricks

Wool is a really specific and more practical garment than the other ones you are used to wear. First of all, woollen fabrics doesn’t stain and are not absorbing smells so easily. That is why if you can’t see any obvious sign of use, there is no need to wash it everyday. However, sometimes bad […]

How to Choose Your Perfect Sweater This Year?

This is already happening.. Autumn is already here and we are getting ready for temperatures to drop down. Every shop now has a new collection on their window displays to catch customers attention, and also to remind them that this is the perfect moment to prepare your wordrobe for a new season. Autumn/ Winter Fashion […]



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