Woollen Products – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Wollen Products You May Ask?

Wool as natural ingredient is getting more and more popular over the years. We’ve noticed that people are asking more questions about it and they are trying to research this market area a little bit further. There is no surprise that right now, we’re becoming more information oriented customers and we want to do a proper research before we spend our money on a specific product. Nothing wrong with that and we have to admit that this direction will give you better results in the future. Therefore  we came up with an idea to gather all of the most interesting and often asked questions about wool and woollen products in general to help you gather as much data about those products as you can. This way you’ll be able to find all of the answers that you were looking, provide by experienced people working in that industry for years, in only one place. Prepare your drink or snack, get comfortable and dig into an interesting world of wool and their unusal properties.

During the winter time you want to feel comfortable but warm at the same time. When it comes to keeping our body temperature on the same level even when is freezing cold outside, it’s good to invest in some good clothes with those properties. We all know that thermal clothes are the first option we are reaching for. They are made from fabric specially design to traps our body heat underneath it. If you’re looking for something that is going to work the same way but on the more natural side that people are using generation after generation- I highly recommend invest in some good wool products. Especially look for merino wool and cashmere, they have soft finish and they are less irritating for the skin. If you want to read more about wool properties here is a link to another blog post when we I extended the answer for it.

Cashmere is a type of wool so you want to be gentle with it as well. It depends on information that company has provided on the label. If they allow you to wash it in the washing machine just remember to be gentle and make sure to use the delicate cycle or wool cycle. If there is a clear message that you have to hand wash your cashmere garment here is a link to my blog where you can find all the tips and tricks you need to know when it comes to washing wool clothing

The answer is a big NO. We know that there is a popular opinion that fabric softener will make your woollen products even softer. In real life you’ll only damage your garment. The fabric softener will sit on top of the fabric and create additional layer that makes merino wool less effective. As a result your garment is loosing their natural properties such as keeping your body warm.

Wool is a specific fibre that naturally absorbs water (when you’re wearing woollen products they absorbs your sweat and neturalize it ) to reduce the feeling of cool air and doesn’t allow it to break through the fibres. Thanks to that your sweater or other woollen clothing efficiently lock your body temperature and makes you feel warmer.

Cashmere, as we all know, is type of the wool yarns available on the market ( and it’s so soft we love it! 🙂 ) As it was mentioned in the question, wool is a wonderful ingredient that is able to control our body temperature. It is possible because during the colder season, wool fibres absorbs the moisture that our body has produced which allows them to storage heat that we’ve also generated. Although during the summer time when the sweating proccess is more intense, wool fibres evaporates the excess of moisture that was storaged within them and makes your body feel less overheated than it usually is without wearing woollen products. Hovewer I highly recommend to switch your heavy sweater or other piece of clothing for something a little bit thinner, because the thicker fibres you’re wearing the more moisture they can storaged and proccess of evaporation will take much more time. If you want to find more information about woollen products or wool in general, check out our blog post about it.


Wool in general does a great job in controlling your body temperature but in our opinion, Merino Wool and Cashmere are the warmest yarns on the market. Alpaca is also a good choice but it’s a little bit less comfortable to wear than the two we’ve just mentioned.

Wool as a material doesn’t stretch too much, we’d say it simply form to your body size to give the most comfortable feeling. Unfortunately if you’re not taking care of your woollen products properly, those fibres can shrunk sagnificantly. There are some methods to stretch your clothing back to normal size and do not loose your favourite piece of wardrobe. Although we highly recommend to follow your normal size during the purchasing proccess and also follow the label instractions when it comes to taking care of the product.
If somehow you didn’t manage to avoid this situation and your product has schrinked already – can use a a DIY method using little bit of white vinegar mixed with water. Leave your wool item for 25 minutes fully covered with the mixture. When it’s ready, get rid of excess moisture gentle squezing your clothing. Finally, when it’s ready, stretch your product using your hands and If you’re happy with the results hang it to dry.

Everyone is probably referring here to Cashmere products but yes wool can be a little bit more expensive than the synthetic fibres as well, but we have a good reasons for that. You’ve probably noticed that sweaters or other products made from Cashmere can have a price tag up to even 500 dollars. Also you’re probably wondering why Merino Wool Throws can be worth even up 200 dollars. We know that it’s a hefty price tag for products that you can find everywhere and doesn’t have to spend your whole family budget. We can assure you that there is a huge difference between those materials.
If you want to dig deeper and get to know true reasons for the price difference, check out our short article about.

First of all we want to make sure that our wool clothes are fully cleaned before packing them away. After that we have to choose method and equipement that we’re going to use when it comes to storage your items. We higly recommend to fold your clothing using acid free tissues which will help to keep the right shape and store them in a tight containers or vacuum bags. As a result you’re going to avoid moths getting into them during a warmer seasons. If you want to take extra steps to make sure that your clothes are going to be secure – you can add some additional products such as moths lavender balls.

There is always an option if you want to invest in high quality woollen products. If you really want to purchase only clothes, we highly recommend to buy a products with a thinner wool fibres. During the higher temperatures it will absorbs the excess moisture from your body and quickly evaporates it to lower your body temperatures. Hovewer there are other really good options for you such as pashminas and wraps that are perfect for the summer evening time and also throws which are going to liven up your living space. It truly depends on you, but in our opinion there is always the right product for everyone.

If we are thinking about the purposes of those two products, we can all agree that they are practicaly the same. Throw is just the different word for a blanket. Hovewer when we are thinking about the materials that they are made of, there can be a huge difference. Nowadays blankets that we can buy in literally almost every store, are a mixture of more than one fibres. As we all know the ingredients are usually the synthetic fibres which are cheaper when it comes to production process. On the completely opposite side we can find wool throws or wool blankets – depends on your preferences. Made from natural wool fibres are long-lasting, durable, easy to mantain and what’s more important doesn’t have any bad impact on our skin. We all agree that not everyone can handle the feeling of 100% wool, although there are many other options available on the market. Right now even in The Woollen Market’s offer we are able to find merino wool blended with cashmere to make it even softer. Everyone will find something for themselves.
Check out our wide range of woollen throws and you’d probably never changed it for anything else once you’ve tried it.

Now it is your turn..

We alle agree now, that wool is an amazing fibre with lots of really helpful and practical properties. Not everyone is aware of it, but that’s why we are here. To provide you with all the informations you need to know when it comes to woollen products. If after reading this post you’re interesting in purchasing any of the montioned product we highly recommend to check out our shop page for even more content and products.



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