What is Merino Wool and is it Worth Your Money?

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What Merino Wool is?

You’d probably already heard that term somewhere. We have to admit, merino wool is one of the most desirable type of wool, you definetely want to have in your wardrobe. Hovewer, let’s start from the beginning. First of all – where is it come from? The answer is simple! As we all know merino wool is a natural fiber that comes from…Merino sheep. Now, you’d most likely wonder, what makes it so special? Merino sheep wool is much thinner and softer than the regular one you were able to find. If you’re a person with sensitive skin and can’t stand the feeling of 100% harsh wool – this will be definitely your go to even on a daily basis.

Why merino wool is worth your money?


It's all about nature! Merino wool comes from the mix of amino acids and other natural compounds - so you don't have to worry. Adult sheeps can grow up to 80 oz wool per year - pretty impressive! No harm is happening to those animals during this process.


Someday, we're going to get rid of our old sweaters and cardigans in order to buy a new ones from the new collections. You'd probably wonder what is happening with those unwanted piece of clothing. Don't worry! Merino Wool will completely dissapear under the ground after approximately 12 months, releasing only the best nutrients that helps fertilize our soil.

Perfect for layering

Layers? Yes, please. Merino wool products are perfect for layering with other your favourite clothes. That is why you'll never experience any problems to pair it with your favourite jacket or shirts.

Adjusting to your Body Temperatures

Merino wool and also wool in general does a great job adjusting your body to the temperatures outside. Whether you're an active person that loves spending your time on a fresh air or you'd rather wear something casual on your way to work - it doesn't metter. Everyone will definitely enjoy having merino wool in their collection.

Sweat Resistant

Yes, that's correct - merino wool also has an antibacterial properties which effectively stops the bacteria from spreading out on your skin and as a result you're able to avoid well-known, unpleasant smell for a long time.

I have worked with wool all my life as a designer. There is so much more to it than a knitwear – it’s an amazingly versatile material and can be used in so many different ways from chic to rustic.

Mike Stuart

Donatella Versace

What all of this mean to you?

Buying natural, woollen products is not only the investment in the high quality clothes but we are also investing in our future. We’re taking care of our environment, body and also we’re 100% aware of what we actually wear. That is why Merino wool and other types of wool as well are really a good place to start extending your clothes collection. It performs perfectly on your body to gives you the best experience possible. Now you are able to enjoy your active time as much as you can without any inconvieniences. Do we need something more?


You’re buying products that were produced with you in mind to gives you the best ingredients possible that are helping your body and also, at the same time, are not against your believes


As we mentioned before merino wool is 100% biodegradable ingredient that dissapears after 12 months – everyone is a winner here


With natural ingredients you can’t go wrong. Enjoy beneficial properties that only merino wool products can give you.

If we successfully convienced you that Merino Wool is a truly magical ingredient taking into consideration every aspect of our lives and you’ve decided to take the first step – we highly recommend you to check out our wide range of merino wool clothes and accessories for man and women, also including our best-selling merino wool cashmere throws.



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