Aran Sweater – Everything You Need to Know

Aran Sweaters – why are they so important to everyone?

The reason is simple! Irish knitwear is a perfect example when history and passion made its way to fashion runways. Aran knitwear has been passed down through the generations and overcome the inevitable passage of time. Even though you didn’t have a chance to visit Ireland or didn’t have time to get to know the history of this land that name will sounds familiar.

History of Aran Knitwear

This famous name came from three Aran Islands – Inisheer (the smallest), Inishmaan (the middle one) and Inishmore (the biggest) that sits only a few miles from County Clair on the wild and unpredictable Atlantic Ocean. Everyone knows that the weather conditions in that region are constantly changing. You can experience even four season during only one day and its not getting any easier. You have to prepare yourself for a continuous, never ending wind blowing those lands. The only resources that were available at that time and could possibly earn a living for the local people were fish and sheeps. That is why from the early age girls were thought how to develope their knitwear skills and boys how to fish in the most efficient way.

What is waiting for you on the Aran Islands these days?

Nowadays Aran Islands are mainly a tourist attraction that should be at your must see places list. Unfortunately, no one is knitting and fishing anymore but tradition has survived and is continued by commercial woollen mills on the mainland.

Aran Knitted Patterns – where did they come from and what do they mean?

Aran knitted patterns are known for their heavy cable detailings but what’s more important every aran garment has been inspired by nature that people were surrounded by everyday.

Trellis This design truly reflects the bird-eye of the Irish fields and landscapes.

This pattern was inspired by bees and their hard work. It’s a symbol of honesty and hard work. Honeycomb is also treated as a lucky stitch since hardwork and luck are going hand in hand.

Diamond design represents wealth. The imagery of this stich alludes to both the fields of farmers and ropes of fisherman.

It represents a bound between farmer or fisherman and basket in which they used to gathered ad stored their harvest.

This pattern is a symbol of fisherman ropes that were meant to bring luck while at sea.

Blackberry (Trinidy)
This name is very familiar and probably everyone have already guessed the meaning behind it. Blackberry pattern was inspired by the thickest blackberry bushes on the Island. Hovewer in some cases this stitch was also called a Trinity stitch and may have a religious significance in some items.

Irish Moss
Farmers in order to fertilise the land and turn it to the soil, they were using the seaweed that was easy to access from the Island. That is why this pattern represents fertility and carrageen moss.

Tree Of Life
Tree of life is a pattern that represents families, clans, generations and health. This stich is also known as the ladder of life and it’s a symbol of pilgrym’s path to salvation.

Meaningful Gift

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