How to Wash Wool? – Tips and Tricks

Wool is a really specific and more practical garment than the other ones you are used to wear. First of all, woollen fabrics doesn’t stain and are not absorbing smells so easily. That is why if you can’t see any obvious sign of use, there is no need to wash it everyday. However, sometimes bad things can happen, we know that. In this situation the best option is going to be spot cleaning. This will allow you get rid of unwanted stains and extend your sweater life without worrying about a whole cleaning process. Give them all the care they need and be able to enjoy them during a colder season.

Do I always have to dry clean my garments?

Usually, when we’ve decided that this year we’re going to invest in a higher quality sweater, we are also quickly changing our mind since we saw on the label – dry cleaning only. As a result, you’re ending up buying another cheap sweater that will probably last you untill the very first wash. Luckily, we have a solution for you! You will never waste your money anymore. First and foremost you have to remember that manufacturers are obligated to put on the label the safest possible option that is not going to cause any problems in the future. That is why everything you do is your own responsibility. However, in real life it looks completely different. Let me explain it to you. Wool is a natural ingredient that comes from animal’s hair which are most of the time exposed to the unfavourable weather condition, including rain. That is making them really resistant in case of washing them with water. Nevertheless there are some rules that you have to follow during that process. Otherwise your product won’t last as long as you’ve expected it to. 

How to wash wool product?

The only possible way to take care of your wool products and wear them as long as you want to is to hand wash them. In this paragraph we will provide you with very useful informations that you need to know before you start the whole process.

Soak your garment in a cold water 

This step is crucial if you want to make sure that your sweater is protected and won’t shrink during this process. It allows fibres to saturate as much water as they need before you go to the next step. Recommended time is up to few hours it depends on amount of fabric that you have.

Use lower temperature 

When it comes to the process of washing wool products this is really important to remember that high temperatures are your worst enemy. Natural Garments are really prone to shrinkage that is why we have to be cautious in every step of the way. To avoid situations like that we recommend to use medium temperature water or lukewarm water as well.

Use suitable detergents 

Nowadays you have a wide variety of detergents that are available on the market. We have to remember that they were created to help us take care of our fabrics during the cleaning process and makes our life easier and softer! Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try sometimes, it happens that we will forget to buy one. Fortunately, it’s not a problem anymore! You can use laundry soap instead. However, remember to use it a little bit less than you usually do. Soap has a different texture and can makes fibers a little bit dry with time. This way you avoid your sweater looking like it has been worn out already.

Keep your sweater lying flat out

That is our last step in this process. Everyone wants their clothing to be in the best condition possible. Lying wool sweaters flat out on the towel allows your garment to dry safely and keeping their shape at the same time. If you want to get rid of excess water it is good to lay another towel on a top of jumper and squeeze it gently. Be careful! When you use too much force, you can permanently change shape of your clothing.

Never store your wool sweaters on the hanger

This step is more of a advice for you. When there is a time that you don’t need your wool sweaters, it is best to keep them fold in your wardrobe. Storing wool jumpers on the hangers will stretch the fibres and as a result change your clothing shape. So be careful. 

You’re ready!

Now you know everything about taking care of the wool products. We’re hoping that this will change your mind about natural ingredients and help you make the right decision. Invest in yourself and don’t be afraid about consequences.

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